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    Welcome to the Baylor Journal Club! Information about all things journal club and research will be discussed today. Questions? Feel free to ask!

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    Please read, annotate, and be prepared with questions for journal club on November 12th!

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    Please read, annotate, and be prepared with questions for journal club on December 3rd!

    This article is quite different from the last.  Remember that it is always okay to have questions about what you've read. 

    Looking forward to Thursday!

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    We have a special guest coming January 21st. Dr. Daniel Loveless is an electrical engineering professor from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He specializes in studying how electronic devices respond in space environments. He will be presenting a paper that discusses this topic - what happens when cosmic rays perturb the flow of electrons in these devices? Attached is the paper - it is dense with plenty of math. I encourage you to try and read it, highlight areas on which you may have questions. If you have any general questions on electrical engineering, Dr. Loveless will be happy to answer those as well. Happy reading!

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    Journal Club #4 - February 4th

    Dr. Sean Richards is a toxicologist and UC Foundation Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His research covers human health and ecological effects of toxicants in the environment.  He will present his research on the presence of Bisphenol-A (BPA - commonly used in water bottles and food packaging) in human placenta.  Does BPA cause low birth weights? Discuss this with us on Thursday.  

    Click the link below to access the paper.

    J Troisi*, Mikelson C, Richards SM, Symes S, Adair D, Zullo F and Guida M. 2014. Placental concentrations of bisphenol A and birth weight from births in the Southeastern U.S. Placenta 35(11): 947-952.

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      Our very own rockstar Dr. Vince Betro will be presenting a conference proceeding that he authored during our next BJC meeting. Before coming to Baylor, Dr. Betro worked with Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), with specific efforts in computational engineering. He has a B.S. in mathematics and secondary education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as well as an M.S. and a Ph.D. in computational engineering, also from UTC. The paper is below. Enjoy!


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      Please join Baylor Journal Club this Thursday March 3rd. 
      Dr. Josh Ennen is an aquatic conservation biologist with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI).  He has worked on several threatened and endangered tortoise species, and continues to conduct conservation research on Map Turtles and other turtle species in the southeastern United States. At Journal Club this week, he will discuss a paper that reports low genetic diversity in gopher tortoises.  Please join us and get a first glimpse of the exciting partnership between Baylor and TNACI.  We will meet this Thursday during Activities in Weeks 204.  Go to the Baylor Journal Club Moodle page if you would like to read the paper in advance. 

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      For our next speaker at Baylor Journal Club, we are very fortunate to have Dr. Robert deCarvalho. Dr. deCarvalho has his Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University. His distinguished resume includes work at Bell Laboratories, MIT, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL); he is currently work at Ambition Inc. as a Data Science Engineer. Dr. deCarvalho will be exploring the physics behind bungee jumping. What are some other real-world problems his background allows him to solve? Take the plunge on Thursday, March 17th during Activities (2:50 – 3:30). Snacks and refreshments are provided.

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      Caitlin Quinn graduated from Baylor in 2011. She attended UTC where she was awarded the distinction of Grote scholar and Chancellor's scholar. Her impressive work recently won an American Chemical Society award for analytical chemistry. She will discuss a paper about the use of nanofibers for drug delivery in surgical implants. 

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      Baylor parent, physician, researcher, and entrepreneur Dr. David Adair will present at our final Journal Club meeting this year. Dr. Adair specializes in maternal fetal medicine, but his interests span biopharmaceuticals development, biotechnology, and education. He is co-founder and CEO of Regional Obstetric Consultants, a professor at the UT College of Medicine, and the holder of several patents.  

      Journal Club meets in Weeks 204 on Thursday, May 12th at 2:50 (Activities Period).  Please join us even if it is your first time! We will be serving Chik-fil-A to celebrate the final meeting of this year.