Weekly outline

  • General

  • 16 January - 22 January

    Introduction to 8th Grade Dance/Syllabus/Dress Code/Rules

    Movement Games:  Making Shapes, Name Game, 4 Corners

    Participate and learn about a proper warm up


    Flexibility - using the range of movement in a joint

    Stamina -  endurance both muscular and cardio-respiratory

    • 23 January - 29 January

      Notes on dance injuries (causes, prevention, and treatments)

      Components of a warm up (Rhythmic activity, Mobilization of joints, Stretching and Conditioning)

       Students break up into small groups and develop one section of a warm up based on the essential components of a proper warm up

      • 30 January - 5 February

        Students will memorize, perform, and teach their section of the warm up to the rest of the class

        Students will combine, learn and perform all sections

        Introduce Merce Cunningham's Chance Dance

        • 6 February - 12 February

          Students will start learning about rhythm and tempo in relation to movement

          Rhythm - a structure of movement patterns in time:  pattern produced by emphasis of notes in the music

          Pulse- a constant, even beat 

          Using Cannon, Repetition, and Accumulation students will develop a Movement study while using a Cinquain Poem


          Adjective, adjective

          Verb, Verb, Verb


          • 13 February - 19 February

            Dancers focus on movement vocabulary:  box step, grapevine, gallop, leap, pivot, turns, skipping, triplette step, chasse', fouette', compass turn, 360 turn, pencil turn, tour jete',plie', relieve',  and sitting rolls.

            Dancers will work on manipulating counts and movement together

            • 20 February - 26 February

              Dancers review vocabulary/exploring  how to combine movement vocabulary into short combinations

              Dancers create a movement study with assigned vocabulary and counts in pairs

              Discuss pathway, level change, direction changes, shape and focus

              This week we focus on initiating movement from various body parts (the head, elbows, spine, feet, etc.).  Students will play mirroring and shadowing games to practice this concept.  

              Students will also be introduced to how Relationships  are used in dance.  Some examples of this are:  mirroring/shadowing, near/far, unison/contrast, and meeting and parting. 

              • 27 February - 5 March

                Dancers are students learn choreographic tools to help them create dances that are more aesthetically pleasing. 

                Students create an Abstract Dance using an abstract painting of their choice as inspiration for their movement.

                Students create a Narrative Dance using the lyrics of a song that tells a story.

                • 6 March - 12 March

                  Students learn about choreographic devices as a way to improve and add depth to choreography

                  Notes on:  ABA, Retrograde, ABC, Canon, Abstract, Narrative and Accumulation

                  Movement Study using ABA - Unison/Contrast/Unison (with props)

                  • 13 March - 19 March

                    Students make Native American Totem Pole Dances using ABA as their choreographic structure.  

                    Dancers each find their Spirit Animal and create movement based on the movement and behavior of that animal.  Student s combine their choreography to make a unified dance.  

                    • 20 March - 26 March

                      Spring Break

                      • 27 March - 2 April

                        Different Genres of Dance 


                        Watch clips from First Position and Ballet Favorites

                        Notes, video and class

                        • 3 April - 9 April

                          Genres of Dance

                          Jazz and Tap

                          Notes, videos and class

                          Watch clips from That's Entertainment, Fosse', and West Side Story

                          • 10 April - 16 April

                            Modern Dance

                            notes, videos, and class

                            Watch modern clips from A History of Dance on Screen

                            Watch Work from Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey 

                            • 17 April - 23 April

                              Hip Hop

                              Notes, videos, and class

                              Watch the hip-hop documentary - Graffitti Verite' 10

                              Genre Project

                              Students will break into groups and present a power point presentation on one genre of dance (including a description of the style of movement, a brief history, famous choreographers and their work, video clips, photos, and a short movement study in that genre's style)

                              • 24 April - 30 April

                                Students work on the Powerpoint portion of the genre project.

                                • 1 May - 7 May

                                  Students work on projects

                                  • 8 May - 14 May

                                    Students present projects

                                    • 15 May - 21 May

                                      Students finish presenting projects

                                      Watch Swing Kids

                                      Learn Swing Dance

                                      • 22 May - 28 May

                                        Finish Swing Dance Unit

                                        • 29 May - 4 June

                                          • 5 June - 11 June

                                            • 12 June - 18 June