This course is conducted exclusively in German. It involves continued work on more complex grammar structures, but it also involves a greater focus on listening and speaking. Reading and composition are also stressed with a strong emphasis on vocabulary building.

The most ambitious students may, with departmental approval, take the Advanced Placement course in German. This course culminates in the taking of the AP test, and the syllabus is designed to prepare the students for that test. Departmental approval is required for enrollment.

In this course, students explore the thematic units of the AusBlick 1 text and utilize supplementary activities to increase their vocabulary, study advanced grammatical topics, and learn about contemporary German culture. Students develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through varied assignments (partner and group activities, presentations, writing and audio-visual projects that engage with authentic German-language materials) that are specifically designed to strengthen skills in the four skill areas. The course is conducted entirely in German.