Art Foundations


Art Foundations is a semester long course that is a prerequisite for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking classes. In this class, students explore a variety of media including graphite, pastels, watercolor, printmaking and mixed media collage. The subjects range from traditional still-life drawings and a realistic self-portrait to a more expressive self-portrait collage in the context of various social issues.

In Art Foundations, students learn how to access the right side of the brain to see in the way that experienced artists see. By learning how to perceive in a different way through projects in this class, students enhance their confidence in decision making and problem solving. The potential forces of the creative, imaginative right hemisphere are almost limitless. And through making art, one can come to know this powerful self and make it known to others. Through art, we are made visible. The German artist Albrecht Durer said “from this, the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will become evident through your creative work.”

Art 200

This is a course for students who have completed Art 100. Drawing and design skills are developed with more complex assignments in drawing and painting, as well as an introduction to three dimensional work.  We use a variety of media including charcoal, acrylic, paper relief, monotype, and mixed media.  Lessons focus on the principles of design as a guide for creating artwork.

The course is designed for students who have had at least two other semester art classes or significant experiences in either summer intensive classes or personal instruction. Students should be seriously interested in the practical experience of art making. They are required to finish a portfolio of 24 works of art by May. They must enter the class with at least 7 to 8 works that are suitable for fulfilling the requirements of the AP Drawing Portfolio Exam. Basic drawing and design concepts in the production of a volume of quality pieces of artwork are emphasized.