Dance is an enriching medium for physical, intellectual and artistic growth. The 7th Grade Dance course follows the National Standards for Dance Education. Participation in this class will increase the students' strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Students will build a fundamental movement vocabulary and will be able to demonstrate dance phrases, sequences and choreography. Furthermore, the aim in this class is to foster positive self-awareness, build confidence and collaborate with others in a supportive, respectful manner. Students will learn about dance history and will participate in a Dance Through The Decades Project in which they will study different aspects of dance within a historical and social context. 

Dance 8 follows the National Standards for Dance Education.  The units have been developed and organized based on specific  content standards.  Through  creating, performing, and responding to dance, students develop skills and knowledge that enhance the important development of self-image and social relationships.  Cooperation and collaboration are emphasized, fostering positive interactions.  Students learn to respect their bodies and to understand that dance is the product of intentional and intelligent physical actions.  Continued development of movement skills and creative and critical thinking skills in dance is important regardless of whether students intend a dance career.